Higher risk for dangerous and toxic substances due the summer temperatures


Due to nowadays high temperatures, the inside of a container can reach up to 60 degrees. Many products, packaging materials and even pallets contain glue(s). Dangerous / toxic substances may evaporate out of the glue due to this exceptional heat. In particular formaldehyde poses a great risk, especially when products are stored on pallets or when wood dunnage is applied in the containers.

Formaldehyde is a CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic & Reprotoxic) substance, which means that it is very harmful for your and your employees health. Our FTIR analyzers are, among other substances, particularly suitable for analysis on formaldehyde.

When containers are rejected on too high gas concentrations, we are also specialised in degassing these containers. When products keep evaporating gases or the customer needs the products ASAP, we offer the opportunity to unload the container in our warehouse, wearing respiratory protection, and load these products in one of our specially designed ventilated trailers. The products will be ventilated during the whole trip which ensures a safe delivery of your goods.