Customs measurement

Is your container selected for a physical check performed by Customs? Customs will inspect the cargo in the container, but they won’t open the container when no gas measurement is performed. In this case Gasmeetstation Netherlands is able to help you with both, easy as that! When the physical check has to be done at our terminal, we arrange a meeting with Customs and perform the requested gas measurement. No more worries for you! Customs manual demands that a gas measurement has to be performed within 2 hours prior to the physical check. Furthermore, the container needs tpection can be performed at another location than the location of the actual inspection. Is your container rejected for too high gas concentrations? Then the container needs to be degassed at the location of inspection. Click here for Customs manual (Dutch)

Locations Customs inspection
Gasmeetstation Netherlands is an official Customs depot. This means that physical inspections are allowed to be performed at our own terminal. In corporation with Customs these inspections are performed on a daily basis. When containers don’t get declared gas free, it is possible to conduct the inspection with respiratory protection (after permission of Customs).